SHAW for SHERIFF – our ONLY Constitutional Choice!

Constitution, County, General, Local, sheriff / Thursday, October 25th, 2018

I am writing to endorse Marion Shaw for Sheriff of St. Croix County. There is no better candidate for this position than Shaw.

I am concerned about this election, because most of today’s sheriffs act like employees to the government, when, in fact, they are constitutional servants to the people that elect them. The County sheriff is one of the most important offices in the land, insuring the protection and prospering of the citizens he represents. It’s one we need to return to constitutional and away from governmental, in order to preserve our nation.

Shaw is just such a man to do this. Shaw is a long-time resident of St. Croix County, active in the community and in civic issues…a watch dog of our local government activity. He has maintained a top managerial position in the same company for over 25 years. Shaw is a moral and just man, honest to the core. He is a man of justice and equity.

I have witnessed Shaw in real life. He is the “real-deal”. He’s down to earth, caring, and willing to put his “money where his mouth is”. He’s a man of action and reminds me of our forefathers who pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor”. He pledged that same level of risk for us.

Two years ago, we had a dire circumstance…A dangerous circumstance. He recognized the injustice and sought us out. He opened his door to us as strangers and took us in, despite the risk. He cared for us, financially helped us, and supported our cause. Because of his sacrifice, our family is preserved and the outcome is favorable.

He works hard…gives of his time…gets involved…gives financially…cares about our rights…gives of his talents …is trustworthy…and, did I say, gives?…and gives…and gives.

This is a man you can count on to put his best foot forward, to work for you. And, most importantly, he would be the people’s constitutional protector. He knows our constitution. Elected sheriffs are accountable directly to the constitution and the citizens of their county.

If you want your Constitutional rights respected and protected against our bureaucrats, elect MARION SHAW.



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