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The following contains the responses from a questionnaire published in the …

Marion Shaw

Age: 57
Address: Town of Hudson
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Education: Business Administration, Marketing
Family: Raised 3 children in St. Croix County
Occupation: 26 years professional sales and management, Previously a small business owner.
Civic involvement: Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Oath Keepers, Hudson Area Joint Library Board, Town of Hudson Board of Adjustments, Boy Scouts of America


1. Why should voters pick you?

I am your Only Constitutional voice….actions speak louder than words. Our previous offices of the Sheriff have demonstrated through actions that following the constitution, both state and U.S., has not been a priority, but rather a roadblock to drive agenda.

I have years of management experience, 26 of which have been with the same organization. As a 22+ year resident of St. Croix County, I am confident I can utilize my people-skills experience to make St. Croix County a proud place to live, work and conduct business.

I have proven my dedication to serve the people in the county and town which I live by the many years of civic involvement and commitment. I chose to voluntarily serve my community so I opted to never receive a single dollar of taxpayer money for my contributions and time. I have committed time with youth in the community with my many years as leader of both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I am the longest serving member on the Hudson Area Joint Library Board.

My experience is in the knowledge of our constitutions and management of people. These are the valuable gifts the sheriff needs to execute his office for the benefit of the people.

2. How would you make St. Croix County a safer place to live, work and do business?

Refocusing on our constitutional protections is tantamount to strengthening our citizenry in the county.

Prevention through strong, active, and informed communities, rather than focusing on increased militarization and force.

Thereafter, community crime prevention programs, such as neighborhood watch, community policing, physical design changes, and comprehensive disciplinary efforts are needed to ensure safer neighborhoods. My goal would be to seek to engage residents, community and faith-based organizations, along with local government agencies in addressing the factors that contribute to the community’s crime, delinquency, and disorder.

3. The meth epidemic, which has a cascading crime effect, continues in western Wisconsin. How do you plan to combat it?

After 35 and 48 years, respectively, the D.A.R.E and WAR on DRUGS initiatives have failed. Drug use is a public health problem, not just a problem for the criminal justice system. “Combat” is the wrong word for this subject. War creates casualties.

‘Harm reduction’ interventions, a deviation from the historical crime and punishment model, is more successful in addressing this social problem. Engaging the communities’ involvement, to dissuade drug activity and encourage a proactive effort is tantamount to the solution and ensures better crime prevention.

Reserving Enforcement to protect citizens from the criminal consequences resulting from drug abuser’s criminal acts is constitutionally sound.

While upholding the right of states and localities to restrict access to drugs and enforce such restrictions, I would prevent violations of the Constitutional and civil rights of all citizens

The following Q & A’s were filed with the

Marion Shaw

How much experience do you have in law enforcement?

I am running for the office of sheriff, not applying for a position in law enforcement.
The role of peace officer has largely morphed or mutated into law enforcement officer. The difference is vital to my campaign.

The constitutional sheriff is elected by the people to protect them from the unconstitutional laws of the government.

Law enforcement officers, on the other hand, are hired by the government to make sure their various enacted laws are followed.

The primary role of the peace officer (sheriff) is that of upholding the constitution and keeping the peace through enforcement of the laws involving property and persons. Enforcement of specific laws is secondary to the insuring that the rights and liberties of citizens are upheld and protected, especially from usurpation or abrogation either by the state or the federal government. He supports and defends the constitution for his citizens.

The role of a law enforcement officer is, instead, a bureaucratic position created to ensure the enforcement of statutory infractions along with criminal statutes. This results in much less emphasis on keeping the peace and maintaining order, and, consequently, much less concern
about the maintenance of constitutional rights. That system is more concerned with compliance, revenue, incarceration and punishment than justice or rights.

Therefore, my experience is in the knowledge of our constitutions and management of people. These
are the valuable gifts the sheriff needs to execute his office for the benefit of the people.

Background information (ex: Where were you born and raised, where did you go to school and parents)

I have lived in St. Croix County for 22 years. I have been serving the Town of Hudson as a member of the Hudson Area Joint Library board and as a member on the Board of Adjustments in the Town of Hudson. I have been professionally employed with the same company for 26 years. My experience and management results demonstrate my strengths and capabilities. Managing a very large budget is an additional strength that will be an important aspect of the office. I was also a small business owner prior.

If married, what is your spouse’s name? Also if any children what are their names as well.

What are you hoping to do as the sheriff of St. Croix County?

I am running as a Constitutional Sheriff for St. Croix County. A constitutional Sheriff’s duty is to organize justice and enforce laws, with wisdom and knowledge. The Sheriff’s responsibility to protect the citizen is based on our Constitution, and Common or Natural Law, with the understanding that “nothing” can supersede the US Constitution.

Our founding fathers created this Republic and it is our responsibility to maintain their vision of a “perfect” country. It is my goal as sheriff to maintain the very Republic which they envisioned so that ALL citizens will have the freedoms and protections that have been granted to us by God.

What part of St. Croix county to you live in?

The Eastern edge of the Town of Hudson.

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