Constitution, County, General, Government, Local, sheriff / Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

The role of peace offer has largely morphed or mutated into law enforcement officer. The difference is vital to understand your vote.

The constitutional sheriff is elected by the people to protect them from the unconstitutional laws of the government.

Law enforcement officers are hired by the government to make sure their various enacted laws are followed.

The primary role of the peace officer (sheriff) is that of upholding the constitution and keeping the peace through enforcement of the laws involving property and persons. Enforcement of specific laws is secondary to insuring the rights and liberties of citizens are upheld and protected, especially from usurpation or abrogation either by the state or the federal government. He upholds the constitution for his citizens.

The role of a law enforcement officer is, instead, a bureaucratic position created to ensure the enforcement of statutory infractions along with criminal statutes and much less concern about the maintenance of constitutional rights. That system is more concerned with compliance, revenue, incarceration and punishment than justice or rights.

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