Not to Choose is Still Making a Choice

Education, General, Psychology / Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Trust the Plan?
What? If you don’t understand something complex you’re told to then “trust the plan”. Even things that seem quite obvious despite evidence to the contrary, are then professed to be complicated. We are told that there are circumstances we don’t either understand or know about and that there are 3D or 4D chess games behind the scenes. So we are told to disbelieve the obvious in cases. But wait, what may seem obvious really is much too complex. It might involve psychology or reverse psychology, or there’s mathematics or physics involved, or there may be a bias we’re told. We’ll why don’t you try to understand? If what needs to be understood and can’t be explained to you in detail, you’re supposed to just trust it and go with it? Trust the plan?

Question everything
Who are they? Are they anonymous? What is their motive and end game? Is there hyperbole and self-aggrandizing occurring? Is it a media stunt or click bait? Is there financial gain involved that is not disclosed? There is almost always is financial gain involved. Why? Learn and recognize bias. Bias occurs with a two-way street. It’s just as much your lack of not understanding bias and the psychology behind it that allows bias to become effective. Jumping on bandwagons or trains and defending the positions of them at any cost certainly ends up being the do jour of the day, week, or year. This is nothing more than becoming a horse with blinders, running in 10 races a day, 7 days a week. One needs to develop a critical eye, study both sides of an issue or non-issue as it may be, and take an independent view of both pros and cons to make an informed decision. Many times truth can only be discovered by understanding your own biases.

We are inundated with so much news, propertied news, fake news, biased news, it’s a wonder we can think at all. It doesn’t matter if it’s mainstream networks, personal blogs, Periscopes, Youtube videos, all spread by social media. What ends up occurring is that there is nothing that won’t be labeled propaganda by someone. Even the things that are true are propaganda in someone eyes, especially if it’s something that you don’t agree with. But if it’s something you do agree with, you’ll defend it no matter what. So then you can use a filter based on source. Even those become suspect. Just because something is mainstream doesn’t mean something is true. There is an agenda bias by mainstream media. Likewise, because it’s easy to spread dis-information, truth can disguised as lies, and lies as truth. Who too believe.

Death of Journalism
Today’s media is controlled by advertising. Without the advertising dollar, it is not feasible for newspapers and media alike to stay in business. What then happens is that the product becomes flimsier and flimsier because of the layoffs due to declining revenue. How then is revenue generated? It’s evolved into a tabloid format. Short talking points, sensational reaches of fact, opinion masked as truth, and shrinking credibility now rule the day. Gone are the days of integrity. At one time, journalism saw that it should see itself as representing everyone outside of power against everyone in power. They felt that they should treat everyone in power, by the same critical yardstick, and to be 100% non-partisan in every sense. Of course this type of journalism doesn’t wasn’t liked by the owners and investors into those media companies. With it, the cozy relationship of business and advertising with their brand of truth, might expose blatant bias of those media companies.

Human nature
It’s human nature that we belong. That we have a relationship and understanding of things that are in common with others. We have a need to follow, whether we admit it or not. Now there are certainly environmental factors, jobs, friends, geography, interest, and finances that shape our beliefs. Each of us need to examine our own biases, beliefs, and perspectives as well as those that we may not particularity agree with. I am almost willing to bet that 80% of all of us in a particular geographic area, state, region, or country, have things in common. We all have family that is important to each of us. We all want to be healthy. We get up each and every day with the prospect of going to a job where we can earn income and provide for our family. As abhorrent as Communism was under the rule of Lenin and Stalin, is only consisted of 9% of the population. Likewise, Nazism also represented about 9% of the population. But those regimes forced the other 91% to agree with them, less they be imprisoned or be killed. But we certainly don’t have those types of regimes here in the western world. We can generally get along and do. Civility is the rouse of the day. We are more alike than everyone realizes.

Not to choose is still making a choice
It’s only when we take a perceived radical left of radical right view of our country, without doing any due-diligence or critical thinking that we fall into the lazy patterns of mass movements. The leaders of mass movements recognize that people are lazy in their thinking and understand that people feel they are marginalized, desperate, unemployed, or socially wounded in some way. These traumatizations then naturally attract these people to mass movements mainly because the collective affiliation that supposedly will bring meaning into their lives, along with the prospect of hope. But before you make a choice or don’t make a choice, just be sure you’re basing it on logical conclusions free of bias, (your own and others), and chances are you’ll find you are just like everyone else.

As a caveat, trying to convince another is wrong about a specific topic or idea, you’ll have to explain why you think what you do, the way you think, and what it is based on. You’ll both have to agree on what determines critical thinking. Chances are, both of you will find common ground and amicably agree to disagree. Honest debate rules the day. If you can’t agree on what is critical, then you’re both wasting each other’s time.

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