Is the Leaking Going to Stop?

Government, National, Psychology / Saturday, June 9th, 2018

So here is a nice example of some creative work done by STEALTH JEFF @drawandstrike found on Twitter. There are many others who create this type of work. It is pretty compelling evidence, yet in my book, is nothing more than entertainment. It’s like those fleeting thoughts of imagining what you are going to do with your Lottery winnings when you hit the big one. You know, where you quit your job, give millions to some family members, get multiple homes, travel, buy a Maserati. Then after a while you come to your senses. So too is the case for these stories.

But as you read it, all the links are live and you can see a healthy conversation that one really gets you to think about implications of leaking. To be sure, not all of this is fiction, just a nicely spun story based on facts. Like this one and others I’ll post on this site, a lot of the intrigue is found in the comments and responses to each of the posts along the way. Enjoy!

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