Are We Heading to WWIII Based on Unverified Intel?

County, Foreign Policy, Government, Security / Sunday, April 8th, 2018

We’ve had our intelligence agencies figure out that there was no substantial evidence that Syria’s government under Assad was responsible for a Saran gas attack about 1 year ago.

We had under President Trump a response to that incident of bombing an airstrip where supposedly it originated.

We now have another incident of a gas attack in Syria. Again, what was reported is that there were victims in this event and that it needs to be investigated. But based on the unverified event that was blamed on Syria and Russia of last year, somehow they are guilty once agian without any substantial proven evidence. The US intelligence agencies even came to this conclusion. Now I have certainly prayed and hope you have as well, for the people that have been killed and effected by these gas incidents. But jumping to quick conclusion and action based on something that is not verified, and could delve us into WWIII needs examination.

Even as I write this, the United Nations are calling this last incident, alleged and not confirmed. I don’t think they mean the victims, they mean the involvement of the Syrian government with the knowledge of Russia.

Much of the last incident was suspect because of the White Helmet groups staging and reporting of erroneous facts, media pictures, and repeated victims in multiple locations. While they likely do have a legitimate role in rescue, they are being used by scrupulous propaganda groups to push geopolitical agendas.

Is this another incident? Does anyone remember what happened last time we were told there were weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East?

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