Lefties on the Attack

2nd Amendment, Government, Local, National, Security, State / Friday, March 30th, 2018

In a not-so-recent survey done by Pew Research, there was a poll done in 2013 that found that what I consider the number one reason that the left is opposed to the NRA. That is that individuals who are supporters of guns as outlined in the 2nd Amendment to the constitution are much more politically active. We have one party is staunchly against the 2nd Amendment. To their dismay, they are less involved in activism. The gap between those who oppose and support 2nd Amendment rights is 19%, 45% who support and 26% who don’t.

This is from a Pew Research article.

3. Gun supporters are more politically engaged than gun opponents. Our May 2013 survey found that there was a substantial gap when it came to political involvement between gun control supporters and gun rights advocates, whether NRA members or others. A quarter of those who prioritized gun rights said they had, at some point, contributed money to an organization that took a position on the issue, compared with 6% of gun control supporters. There was less of a gap on other activities, such as contacting public officials or expressing opinions on social media. But when all those activities were combined, gun rights proponents outnumbered gun control supporters by 45% to 26% when it came to those who said they were involved in one or more instances of activism.

So 19% difference is a lot when you consider that in June of 2016, 36% of households owned firearms. If you use as a base of 125 million households (Avg 2.53 per) in 2016 you have 113,850,000 people with firearms in their homes. Using that fact alone, if 19% more of them oppose firearm regulations, that correlates to around 10 million more who are active that support firearm rights as written in the constitution.

If you were the Democrat party, who would you be attacking? Groups and blocks that support firearm rights.

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